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Lower your cost per sale with LeadTech. We generate qualified property buyers at a fixed cost per lead.

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Jessica Goegan
Marketing Manager, JG King Homes 

“On a last-click attribution model, LeadTech has consistently outperformed other digital channels by generating sales at a cost of less than 60% of competing channel/portals.”

“We first started using LeadTech from the onset of our new development project ‘Harvest’ in 2014, which was projected to be completed within a 6 year time-frame. The teams commitment and steady recommendations and tweaks to campaigns and demographics contributed to a complete sell out of the project within 4 years.”

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Extension of Your Team

Our LeadTech Insights Engine makes it easy for you to track campaign performance and produce detailed data reports in real-time.

No Lead Left Behind

Our platform automatically triggers an SMS notification whenever a callback or appointment is scheduled. This ensures the handover process is seamless for both the agent and property buyer.

Instant Response

Our agents will call your leads within an hour of the lead being generated. We’re open Monday - Sunday, 364 days a year so you don’t have to be.

Accountable to Results

Our team are obsessed with performance. We track conversion at every stage of the buyer journey to pinpoint purchasers. Our live reporting dashboards will make it easy for you to view pipeline and performance.

Expert Profiling

Our agents are trained to profile buyers and filter out the tyre-kickers. Our agents gather critical info about the buyer to understand purchaser intent and propensity to purchase.

Fixed Cost Per Lead

You pay a fixed cost per managed lead based on the number of enquiries you generate on a monthly basis.

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Focus your time and resources on converting sales-qualified leads with help from our LeadConvert sales agents.

Convert leads into sales opportunities

Our LeadConvert call centre will contact, qualify and convert leads into sales appointments within minutes.

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Reducing Sales Admin

Let our sales agents contact, qualify and convert your leads into sales appointments.

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400% 350% 300% 250% 150% 100% 50% 0% 1 min 2 min 3 min 30 min Time elapsed Improvement on lead conversion rate 1 min 5 hrs 24 hrs 17% 24% 36% 62% 98% 160% 391%
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33% lead to appointment conversion rate

Converting at 127% above industry average*

99,988 property leads generated in 2021

*Source - Unbounce, 2021.
*Based on average property campaign LCP conversion of 5%.

Deep property industry expertise

Over 9 years we have continued to adapt, grow and optimise to become leaders in the property industry.

Hear from our property clients

We drive measurable growth

Online 364 days a year. We call leads within 1 hour.

Instant response

We're online 7 days a week so you don't have to be.

Pre-qualify leads

Our agents profile buyers and filter tyre-kickers.

Seamless handover

LeadConvert uses SMS notifications for a smooth handover.

Part of your team

Our intensive onboarding means we'll nail your brand.

Exclusive audiences

Unlock exclusive audiences via our data licensing partnerships.

Cost effective

You only pay for the leads we deliver.

Real time reports

Track performance in real time with detailed reports.

High quality leads

Our lead quality is second to none with SMS verification.

Above industry conversion

We convert leads at 3x the industry average.

Our extraordinary results are achieved through performance-driven marketing and creative innovation.